About The Activity

Mock trial is a competitive, team-based activity that is practiced at every educational level, from middle school to graduate school. Participants assume the roles of both attorneys and witnesses to compete against another team and present a case for a panel of judges. Mockers must use critical thinking, debate skills, and a thorough knowledge of trial law to compete against other schools around the country. Don't let the public speaking and courtroom jargon intimidate you, though! Mock trial is an amazing opportunity to portray hilarious witness characters and engage in spirited arguments with some of the nation's brightest students. 

Executive Board


Scott Turtur, Class of 2017

Vice President of Affairs

Kyle Patel, Class of 2017

Vice President Emeritus

Alexander Tin


Coaching Staff

Our amazing coaching staff has a combined 20 years of coaching experience. They all competed at the collegiate level and bring fantastic insight into the activity and the legal field!

Head Coach

Mia Eisner-Grynberg

Associate Head Coach

Buchanan J. Vines

Assistant Coaches

Amy Hartzell

Daniel Sack